After they wake up in the morning, they continue on their journey, through valleys and plains, they go through Goblin Tunnels, and they fight off all of the Goblins, they find a small village and meet a boy named Dillion Dawson, he goes on their journey with them, and they meet a fairy named Lamy, they go up a mountain and meet tons of young wizards, who help them continue their journey, they go down the mountain and Lamy tells them that they need to go through a long cave, which contains a dragon, who they need to get past, also another princess, they also meet two elfs named Turgon and Itarillë.

They then are caught in a storm and must get past a plain of grass, which is caving into the ground, and are nothing but a few minutes away from the castle where Worden is being held at.

They see the Dark Spirt and his army, they help Worden escape, in a great escape plan, they climb up 700 feet of stairs to see worden, they then begin to go back to the Kingdom of _______, and the film ends with witches watching them.

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