Rank Title Run Time Rating Worldwide Gross Demotic Gross Release
1. The Beast 2 hr. 27 m.78%$707,456,436$314,345,45011-1-02
2. The Beast at Midnight 2 hr. 34 m. 82%$769,456,559 $337,456,56011-7-03
3. The Beast at Dawn 2 hr. 2 m. 94%$1,045,713,802$307,345,45011-19-04
4. The Beast at Apocalypse 2 hr. 20 m.97%$936,345,009$370,345,45111-6-13
5. The Tale of Killer Wolfs 2 hr. 14 m.88%$695,932,341$301,345,45011-7-14

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