Highest-grossing films[1]
OW Gross Worldwide
Opening Weekend Worldwide $358,958,737
Opening Weekend Domestic $125,350,498

Highest-grossing films[2]
Rank Title Worldwide gross Year
1 The Ascendance Trilogy: The False Prince $763,150,847 2014

First realsed in on October 17, 2014 only in limited countries (10)






Puerto Rico



United States


All of Africa

Week to WeekEdit

Highest-grossing films[3]
Week # Gross Worldwide
1 $358,958,737
2 $657,685,081


Jaron Artolius Eckbert III, Prince of Carthya, is forced to go into hiding at an orphanage as an orphan. Meanwhile, the power-hungry Regent Bevin Connor hatches a plan to seize power for himself. First he assassinates the royal family (excluding Jaron.) Then Connor recruits four boys, including Jaron, who's names are Tobias, Roden, Jaron (under the alias of Sage), and one more boy named Latamer whom is killed by one of Connor's henchman early on in the book. They are later taken to Connor's estate,Farthenwood. There, Connor trains the three remaining boys in impersonating the "lost" prince Jaron, all the while not knowing that "Sage" is actually Jaron. There, Jaron meets Imogen, a servant girl whom he takes a bit of special interest in. Tobias, Roden, and Jaron develop a rivalry, as each know that the two who are not chosen to be the false prince will be killed. Jaron convinces one sympathetic henchman, the strong and skilled Mott, to side with him. Jaron also discovers secret passageways in the estate of Farthenwood and subsequently discovers that Conner killed his family. Then, on choosing day, Roden is originally picked to be the fake prince, but Jaron, at the last moment, gets Connor to pick him. But Jaron has a plan to reveal Connor as the murderer and also gain back the throne. At the castle, Jaron sneaks in and also manages to prove to the Prime Minister that he is Jaron. Roden runs off into the night mysteriously, Tobias is named the replacement regent for Connor, Connor is put into prison, and Jaron is named king.

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