The Ascendance Trilogy: The False Prince has reached the milestone! grossing $1 Billion worldwide, becoming the 10th film to pass that mark. On only its 28th day of release, last Friday, the film became the 10th film to pass the mark, the next billion dollar film of 2014 can be, of course... The Beast at Apocalypse, today, after 66 days of realase, grossed over $730 Million, the film has until Dec. 14 to pass the milestone, I mean it can possibly do better then Rise of the Evening Star and Under Earth's Kome... And thinking back, Dawn took 84 days to reach $1 Billion, and on it's 66th day was at $787,000,000... Witch can tell us that the film will pass $1 Billion... grossing about $1.021, and reaching $1 Billion at 88 Days of 100. Now back to 2014, Cloners 3 will most likely gross $1 billon, grossing about $1.050 billion, A Journey Through Hunter Woods stopping at $900 Million, Wizard of Ice (2014) at $1.005 Billion, and The Miles Family 4 at about $500 Million.

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