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Gravity Year-2014


Case- #35


Sidekick-Not Known

Rating- PG

Distributed by-Spy-iee


Series Movies- -Gravity -Super Clone Wars

Story by-Amaiya

Movie by-Gravity


Still Relevant?- Yes


Deidre Malik try's to figure out who has been sabotaging her job, self, and family, on her journey, she goes up in space to see where the IP address is coming from, she recognizes the name, but cant put the puzzles, In space, she meets Aliens, and they help her figure it out, they find who it is, Gravity! but its not her, Deidre, Gravity, and the Aliens try and figure it out while on a journey.


-Since Gravity is in Super Clone Wars, they had to give It an teaser, so they gave some clues in it of what and who will happen and appear in SCW.