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1 1

The Magic Shop

11-2-14 8.9
  • Natia Estold and her brother Nyin just moved into a new house, and their parents own their own shop, called Paen's Magic Store, and when Natia finds a box in the back room, they open it and something flies out of it, when it stops, they enter a magical world, where a group of 5 other figures are their, a Wizard, an Angel, a Witch, a|-
June 11, 2011 102 4.8

When Trish Gets New Pump Heels, Ally become sad because she gave away 5,000 dollars for charity. Ally was releaved of not spending 5,000 g's on Heels.

3 3

'Har'd Work & Drivers ED

Trabajo Duro & Controladores

June 25, 2011 103 3.7

Austin practices for his Driver's ED, Meanwhile Trish plays truth or dare with Ally. Ally wins, but Trish thinks Ally's truth are boring.

4 4

Day Cares & Gyms

Cuidados & Gimnasios

July 2, 2011 104 3.4

Dez gets a Job at the Day Care center, plus he has a job as a Physical Fitness teacher, so he uses his skills to date a girl. Meanwhile, Austin and ally support Dez at his job.

5 5

New Crushes & A Stunning Dress

Nuevos Amores & Vestido Fasinante

July 9, 2011 105 3.2
Austin and Dez have crushes, so they decide to go on a double date, Meanwhile Ally thinks Austin likes her and wants to go out with her, so she wears a new red dress to go on a double date until she finds out that Austin took someone else. Ally becomes burst when she found out, but now she's living a good day without Austin.
6 6

Parties and Prom Kings

Fiestas & Reyes del Baile

July 16, 2011 106 5.7

At School Ally tries to flirt with the Boys so she can have a solmate to prom, but she flirts really bad, so Austin Goes to Prom with Ally to turn her frown upside down, but when Austin finds out that Ally can't dance really good, he holds it in so he won't hurt her feelings. At the end Ally Won Nothing, But Austin Won Prom King, but Ally feels upset. Austin Gives Ally The crown as a gift and Ally Gives Austin a Kiss on the cheeks.

7 7

"Food Trucks & Ice Cream"

Camion de Comida & Helados

July 23, 2011 107 3.6

Austin gets a Job at a Food Truck and Dez gets a Job at the Ice Cream Truck.

8 8

"Girlfriends & Boyfriends"

Novias & Novios

July 30, 2011 108 4.1

When Austin Takes himself Seriously Ally thinks he's good enough to date, so she dates him and Austin agree.

Note: Ally Mentioned seing Grown ups 2 In this Episode.

9 9

"Resturant & Schedules"

Restaurantes & Horarios

August 13, 2011 109 1.9

Austin and Ally go on their first date to a Resturant in St.Augustine. Meanwhile, Trish Times Dez to a pie eating contest.

10 10

"Firing & Re-Hiring"

Despedir & Contratar

August 20, 2011 110 4.3

Dez and Austin get fired from their Job instead of Hiring a Different person they hire Trish and Ally, now Ally Has 2 Jobs.

Notes: Ally worked for 10 minutes in this episode.

11 11

"Daft Punk & Bella Thorne"

Bandas de Rock & Bella Thorne

December 3, 2012 111 3.2

Daft Punk and Bella Thorne both visit Miami and they listen to Austin's songs. Bella Thorne wants Austin to do a Special Shake It Up Episode with her.

Note: Bella Thorne wants Austin for an Episode.

Special Guest Stars: Bella Thorne as Herself, and Daft Punk as Himself

Absent: Calum Worthy as Dez Wade

12 12

"Departs & Break-Ups"

Apartados & Rupturas

December 10, 2012 112 5.8

Dez Departs the store slowly for ten hours, Only to see if he can break the world record. Meanwhile, Austin and Ally Break up after an arguement, Meanwhile Trish buys a sorry card for Ally after she went seperate ways with Austin.

13 13

"Solos & No Duets"

Solos & No Hay Duetos

January 20, 2013 113 2.3

Trish invites Ally to sing a duet with her, but Ally wants to sing alone (Solo). Dez wants to take a girl out to dinner, but he can't pay for the food.

14 14

"Movies & Nominations"

Peliculas & Nominados

Febuary 17, 2013 114 2.9

Austin feels left out when Ally focus on her Music, so he makes a Movie and Dez gets Nominated for directing the video, but Austin thinks their out of their mind, so he tries to claim his name.

15 15

"Hunting & Camping"

Cazadores & Campamento

Febuary 24, 2013 115 2.8

Ally goes Camping but in order for them to eat is for them to hunt, so Austin and Dez goes hunting to prove their men.

16 16

"Money & Jobs"

Dinero & Trabajos

March 3, 2013 116 3.9

Austin wants Trish to have Money, so he works to give Trish 100 Dollars, but Trish keeps rushing him, so he quits his job.

17 17

"New York & Silly Names"

Nueva York & Nombres Extraños

March 17, 2013 117 3.9
Ally and Trish make fun of New Yorks Name that causes a riot for the whole new york gang, so Trish and Ally Appologize.
18 18

"Pies & Contests" Pasteles & Concursos

March 24, 2013 118 2.2

Ally's Mom comes to town to stay for a week, but ends up in a pie contest to win money for a new home. Ally thinks her Mom used her to win the pie contest.

19 19

"Old Jobs & New Jobs"

Viejos Trabajos & Nuevas Labores

April 7, 2013 119 2.8

Austin gets fired from his regular Job, so he works at the M.T.C to earn Money

Note: M.T.C Stands for Miami Troop Collecter.

19 19

"Easter Bunny & Santa Claus"?

Conejo de Pascua & Santa Claus ?

April 21, 2013 119 3.6

Ally Meets the real Easter Bunny, but Austin thinks shes trying to get his attention until Austin seeks the real Santa Claus, so they keep it a secret so Trish and Dez won't tell.

Note: This episode Was supposed to Air on Sunday April 28, 2013, but we moved it to April 7, 2013 for a event. An Austin & Ally Episode "Goblin Mind & Never Rhyme" Will Air July 2014 on Fanon Austin and Ally.

20- 20

"Austin, Jessie, and Ally Concert Mystery"

May 10, 2013 120 2.8
Austin, Ally, Dez, and Trisha all get invited to a pool party. So does Jessie and the kids. Everyone goes to the huge party. Jessie's gang, and Austin's gang all meet up. They all go swimming, but theress a mystery for them. Someone is stealing things from everyone. The mysterious person steals Austin's shirt, microphone, and guitar. His concert is in ten minutes, and they have to find his stuff. Someone also steals Luke's shirt, and Emma's purse. They all have to find everything. Austinss concert finally happens, but everythingss still missing. He plays the concert, and he hears guitar in the background. He finds out that creepy Connie stole everything. If they want their stuff back, Connie needs Austin to perform at her own pool party. Austin decides too. He performs for Connie and she returns everything.

Note: This is a one-hour special. This is also the first time we see Austin & Luke with no shirts.

Season 2: 2013- TBA

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