Dreamy: Exctiction Year-2011


Case- #11



Rating- PG

Distributed by-Dreamy 2

Afterwards- Freezie

Series Movies- -Dreamy Series -Super Clone Wars

Story by-Jaizon

Movie by-Inception, Harry Potter series


Still Relevant?- Yes


Going into peoples dreams, and controlling them, from the story of Inception, MI brings you the third instalment of the Dreamy Franchise, but this time, Dreamy cant control himself, and his world is being Destroyed, and he needs to go to a world with Peace, Fluffy and Cloudy landia, and he needs to find a way to get back his powers with the help of Fluffy and Cloudy


-This is the most violet Mystery Inc.Movie

-Fluffy and Cloudy appear in this one.

-Dreamy 3 had a opening weekend of $763 million, witch is the biggest opening weekend until Dreamy 5 in 2014 past it with $901 Million

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