Beautiful Creatures tells the story of Hunter Woods, it gives- in all the Creatures, Plants and Wild-Life, the first film Beautiful Creatures grossed a good $547,456,550 while the second film Beautiful Creatures: The Earth's Thorn grossed $655,456,550 and the trilogy's final installment Beautiful Creatures: The Book of the King passed both with a total of $724,345,401 leaving the Trilogy with $1,927,258,501 |}


In the land of the Trilogy, 175 years later, there is just a-little more to hope for in Hunter-Woods, which is why director Josh Winsdale decided to creat a... Before, After, and Present Series, with present being Beautiful Creatures After Being the Upcoming Royals Trilogy and before being Upcoming Trilogy (2017-2019). |}


(Beautiful Creatures)-

Creature Good or Bad Film Encountered On Biggest Enemy
Troll(s) Some Good, Some Bad 1-4 Good-Nothing Bad-Everything good
Butterfly's, Fairies and Pixies Pixies are Bad All (1-3,4) Pixies, Bears
Unicorn's Good All Everything that is bad
Bear's Bad 1-3 Everything that is good
Giants and Goblins Giants-Good, Goblins-Good and Bad 1-4 Example
Mermaids Good 1-3 Nothing, unless there an Enemy
Fire Breathing-Dragon's Bad 1-4 Everything, unless on there side