Highest-grossing filmsEdit

Rank Title Studios Worldwide
1. Space Disney $1,558,737,191
2. The Piblo: The Battle of the Four Kingdoms Warner Bros    $958,229,779
3. Mighty Crusaders Reunited Disney    $886,326,880
4. Stranger Things Warner Bros.    $773,228,726
5. The Magic Chronicles: The Grim Darkness - Part 1 CloudSky    $765,397,887
6. Yarstage and the Battle of the Hallow Hills Warner Bros.    $755,826,019
7. The Frozen Shadow Returns Disney      $697,093,282
8. Pangea 20th Century Fox    $657,148,990
9. Omit and the Apocalypse 6 AMC    $652,019,588
10. The Dark Moon: The Great Wolf Origins Disney    $631,097,5569

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