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Highest-grossing films of 2011
Rank Title Studio Worldwide gross
1 Tolt Hawkwing and the Grim Darkness - Part 2 Laxoon Studios / Zioxo Pictures $1,084,300,345
2 Robbery At a Bank Eronwise / Disney $970,645,009
3 The Frozen Shadow Cultaro $955,533,391
4 Adventureland Shardy Film / Vino Productions $939,090,345
5 The Tales of Romerius: On the Trail Marvel Studios / Avel Pictures $914,353,399
6 The Beast at Midnight Pix Pics / Babcia Pictures $774,958,162
7 The Master's of the Blood: The Dart of the Drow Laxoon Studios / Zioxo Pictures $699,345,391
8 Zapped! Skydust Productions $664,345,931
9 Dreamy and the Curse of Cord Laxoon Studios / Zioxo Pictures $652,342,001
10 Ice Lass 2 Avel Pictures $649,095,887

In 2011, Four films made over $1 Billion, they include Dreamy and The Curse of Cord, Robbery At a Bank and The Frozen Shadow. The Figures Battle was the first film of 2011 to earn more than 500 Million. CIA Made a gross in THEA. of $45,032,383 and in Laxoon inc. $152,313,426, it is the 5th film to be released in Laxoon inc. and THEA. Domination grossed $1.067 Billion, it is the [7th Highest grossing film of All- Time] and the 4th Film to pass the $1 Billion mark, The Frozen Shadow grossed $1.004 Billion, it is the 11th Highest grossing film of All-Time, and the 5th film to pass the billion mark, and Dreamy and The Curse of Cord grossed $1.117 Billion, is the 6th Highest grossing film, and it the 2nd film to pass the Billion Dollar Mark.

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