Highest-grossing filmsEdit

|- 2010 IN MP |- 2011 IN MP |- 2012 IN MP |- 2013 IN MP |- 2014 IN MP |} The top 10 2014 released films by worldwide gross are as follows:[1]

Highest-grossing films of 2009
Rank Title Studio Worldwide gross
1 Tolt Hawkwing and the Grim Darkness - Part 1 Happy $926,567,001
2 Amulet TV $836,678,779
3 Castro Powers: The Darkest Hour Frownie $796,353,390
4 The Master's of the Blood: The First Mystery TV $708,844,339
5 The Beast Frownie $708,239,767
6 Fewer People Beasty $670,546,040
7 Tales of Dusk: Moon of Gale Frownie $667,456,559
8 The Dark Comet Burnie $455,456,559
9 Cool Kids: The Club Wars Frownie $346,345,449
10 The Santa Times 2 Frownie $315,345,440

The Wizard of the Oz grossed over $1.064 billion making it the highest grossing film of 2009, the 8th Highest grossing film of all-time, the 3rd film to have surpass the billion mark and one of the highest- reviewed LI films of 2009, and of all-time.

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