Highest-grossing filmsEdit

Rank Title Studios Worldwide
1. Moonlanders Laxoon Pictures / Zioxo $709,261,914
2. The Beast Shepard Picutres $708,261,189
3. The Illusionist Zaynes Movies $607,521,190
4. Changing Lanes Warner Bros. $490,245,109
5. The Tales of the Dusk: Decline Zaynes Movies $467,324,198
6. Basket Champs Spo-Pics $457,631,910
7. Kung Fu Mates Studio Gibbon $404,425,717
8. Cry Me A Rainbow Zaynes Movies $335,231,101
9. An Unexpected Day Spo-Pics $333,911,199
10. The Chronicles of Indie Studio Giblet $314,981,198  

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