Highest-grossing filmsEdit

Highest-grossing films of 2007[1]
RankTitleStudioWorldwide Gross
1. Beautiful Creatures: The Earth's Throne Disney $1,066,420,425
2. Rise of the Dead Warner Bros. $827,863,113
3. Animal Tale 2 Laxoon / Sovern $676,948,474
4. In The Beginning: Of Mankind Paramount $494,764,866
5. Bored 2: The Empire's Coin Disney $304,558,490
6. The Super Stretchers Disney $230,345,948
7. Post-Man Warner Bros. $219,454,390
8. The Booth Fox $217,071,022
9. Redemption of King Disney $200,455,440
10. 300 Warner Bros. / Legendary $200,023,395

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