E==Highest-grossing films==

Highest-grossing films of 2015
Rank Title Studio Global Gross
1 Space: Dawn of Heroes Warner Bros $1,141,358,748
2 Guardian of the Ore: Above Numbair Groves Warner Bros    $939,528,107
3 The Flower Has Died Disney    $788,738,108
4 Mario 2 Paramount Pictures    $711,851,625
5 Fish Tales Disney    $677,354,743
6 Titanfall Sony Pictures    $617,055,371
7 The Big Parade Sony    $348,363,160
8 Kingdom 20th Century Fox    $323,728,197
9 Dead Man's Island Warner Bros    $279,726,109
10 BB-8 20th Century Fox    $255,451,175

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